Thursday, September 29, 2016

*My Opinion on Pro-Ana Websites

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These websites need to be shutdown before anymore damage is done. I believe there should be a fine if a Pro-Ana website is reported. These websites are encouraging people to kill themselves by denying themselves the nutrients a human being needs, no matter the age or maturity of a person and the mental health.

This website encourages Anorexia. This website lists rules an Anorexic person may feel the need to follow to continue after their goal of losing weight and being "perfect". In my mind, "perfect" is an impossible image. I had the want to be the perfect body size, the perfect weight, to fit into anything at the store, I wanted to be able to pick out my prom dress and not stress about whether or not I was going to fit into it. I realize now, how unhealthy the want for a "perfect" body image is. Pro-Ana websites encourage young adults, or even older adults, to push themselves to be underweight, to be thin, to be unhealthy. An Anorexic mind may not realize that they are slowly killing themselves. "Nearly 30% of patients had relapses following hospital discharge, prior to clinical recovery." John Wiley and Sons Inc.

This is another Pro-Ana website that encourages others to follow this "lifestyle". Anorexia is not in fact a lifestyle as many are lead to believe. Anorexia is a disease and a very dangerous one at that. "178 deaths in 3,006 subjects"The American Journal of Psychiatry.

Again, this is not a lifestyle, this is a disease!!! Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Anorexia is extremely unhealthy and fatal in a majority of it's victims. I don't think the younger age group understands the downside to Anorexia. Anorexia can lead to heart-failure, brain damage, infertility, the shut down of major body systems, and even death. Anorexia is a serious situation that needs to not be romanticized by these websites, the difference between my blog and these websites/blogs is that I am trying to bring awareness to the consequences and the true danger of the disease. Pro-Ana blogs and websites are romanticizing and creating a fantasy world of this, they are promoting Anorexia, they are encouraging it. They are giving rules to follow, suggesting an Ana Coach, they are giving you tips on how to hide your eating disorder. The one thing these websites are not providing, are true statements of the aftermath of your eating disorder. They are hiding what it will do to you. They are ignoring the truth of their problem.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post about the truth and dangers of Pro-Ana websites.

~Anorexia Hotline

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