Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Importance of Education

Throughout history, it has been made known that women who appear smaller and prettier are chosen instead of a heavier set woman. For young women, they often see the biased decisions a society makes and inflicts that on themselves. They get it in their mind frame that if they aren’t pretty enough, they will never go far in life. Women are taught from a young age that they need to not speak their opinions, but instead sit there and look pretty. A woman’s vote is almost always based off looks. If she is thin and pretty, she will get elected long before a heavier woman who is not equally attractive will, never mind the ideas and goals either woman has.   

Some guys would be more likely to pick a girl with a “bangin’ body” who pretends to be dumb rather than a girl who is intelligent and going far in life. It has been pushed into our brains as females that if a female speaks her mind she becomes a threat or intimidating. If a girl sits back and looks pretty while pretending to be the airhead of the classroom, she will get more attention. Another stereotype against females is that if you’re blonde, then you are dumb. Hints the “blonde jokes”. Thin and pretty is what guys look for most of the time, and because that’s all a guy will look for is why girls present themselves as “stupid” and will do just about anything to look thin, including making dangerous choices. Anorexia and Bulimia being some of them.

Perhaps, if health and nutrition classes were taught in middle school and high school, then young girls wouldn’t get in their minds that this was acceptable. If people know from a young age, maybe then they would understand what the cost is to look “pretty”.  If I had known back then, I wouldn’t treat myself the way I do now. Girls and sometimes boys even, beat themselves up when they don’t meet society’s standards. They are outcasted or made fun of. Sometime’s you will have the people who will welcome in anyone who’s different, and it either works out well and they become friends, or they decide that said “different” person hurts their reputation and will push them away.

~Anorexia Hotline

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